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INFINITE is going up against SISTAR and Girl’s Day who both came out with fun-packed, feminine, summer-esque music videos and did well on charts as well. B1A4 also had such a fun, innovative plot as well that matched their carefree song. (Congrats on winning Show Champion today!)

The guys on the other hand.. I’m worried. It took more than a day to get 1mil views on YT (granted, it’s blocked in some countries and not everyone has time), and they seem to fall behind in most of the voting categories as well as in sales on charts. Are they losing their spark?

I think how they feel as a group is reflected on inspirits, as cheesy as it sounds. Yeah, the fans will notice and feel the way the group does. I’m worried because I wonder if people, including their fans, are slowly losing interest. To be honest, their song ‘The Chaser’ has more plays than any of their other songs combined for me. That song was gold. And now their current releases don’t really top that. There’s no spark. Nothing unique that sets the song apart from another. It’s lacking in a way. Am I the only one that feels like this? When ‘The Chaser’ came out, I was ready to be slapped by a chair it was so goddamned good. I don’t feel that excitement anymore and as an Inspirit, it’s horrible. I know, chill, but I can’t because I love this group so much and I can’t help but feel like their well earned success/drive is all slipping away. I feel bad for them.

In times like these, INSPIRITS should be around to support them and push them up to the top because just how thy reflect on us, they depend more on us to survive. They would be nothing without their fanbase and they know that. So instead of focusing on anyone else, I want to try to really focus on the group. Get everyone attached to their charms, all the good and all the bad too. Listen to their songs on their official youtube page so it could count as a view. One fan can make all the difference.

Remember when INSPIRITS all over the world would stay up together in different time zones and the music video comment section would be a giant chat box about how we loved them and would support them? I miss that. Everyone commented each other without being afraid of being judged or shot down with a careless comment, and everyone accepted each other. I always thought us INSPIRITS were different from other fanclubs. I’m sure there’s a huge difference between international and domestic fans.. But it all comes down to the fact that we love and support these seven idiots. Can we go ‘Back’ to those times when they were shining so brightly? They’re not halfway done yet and I want to see them succeed as a group and individually as well. Let’s not satisfy the ‘five year curse/jinx.’

I guess Dongwoo says it best: “Inspirits are like the sun. You shine on us and light up the world around us, always staying at our side.” And “INFINITE is a Tree, Parents are Land, Agency is the Water, Fans are the Sun.” So let’s shine on them brightly and make them shine again too. (Maybe the agency needs to start giving them fresh water…)


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